2021 Festival

Saturday Sep 25th

Evening Concert

Witch of the Wave Room:

10:00-10:50am Geoff Kaufman, Lynz Morahn, AJ Wright :

12:00-12:50pm AJ Wright, Edith and Bennett :

1:00-1:50pm Jerry Bryant :

Sea Serpent Room:

10:00-10:50am Jerry Bryant :

11:00-11:50am Lynz Morahn :

12:00-12:50pm Bounding Main, Jerry Bryant :

1:00-1:50pm Edith and Bennett, Bounding Main :

Dashing Wave Room:

10:00am-1:50pm Entire session – Edith and Bennett, Larry Kaplan, Don Sineti, Geoff Kaufman :

Sunday Sept 26th

Witch of the Wave Room:

12:00-12:50pm AJ Wright, Lynz Moran :

1:00-1:50pm Edith and Bennett : 

2:00-2:50pm Edith and Bennet, Larry Kaplan : 

3:00-3:50pm AJ Wright, Ron and Natalie Daise, Bounding Main :

Sea Serpent Room:

12:00-12:50pm Geoff Kaufman, Ron and Natalie Daise :

1:00-1:50pm Ron and Natalie Daise :

2:00-2:50pm Bounding Main, Lynz Morahn :

3:00-3:50pm Lynz Morahn, Geoff Kaufman, Jerry Bryant :

Dashing Wave Room:

12:00-4:50pm Entire day…through open sing and chantey blast! :

USS Ranger Room:

12:00-12:50pm Bounding Main :

1:00-1:50pm Larry Kaplan, Jerry Bryant :

2:00-2:50pm Geoff Kaufman :

August chanty sing and preview

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