Do you sing a version of the Rio Grande chantey?
Or are you curious – again! – about how many different versions we have to share?
Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival (PMFF) is delighted to sponsor a second single chantey event.
On Wednesday 25 May, Linn Phipps and Jim Lucas will be hosting a special Rio Grande zoom sing. The aim is to involve our transatlantic European / American and indeed world-wide zoom singing friends in singing as many versions of Rio Grande as possible – related song versions welcome, including those with non-English verses, or which creatively use the “Rio Grande ” theme.
Details: the zoom room will open 15 minutes early for a prompt start at:
8pm Ireland/UK time which is currently British Summer Time (AKA 8pm GT / 9pm CT west of the Pond)
12pm Pacific
3pm ET (USA)
5am East Australia etc.
Linn will post a link for those interested a day in advance.
Shortly, we will share a google-doc with the singers, so that everyone can post some information about their own version. If you can’t, please say something about your version or post info in the chat during the sing. We will record the session for ultimate upload to Youtube – if you’d rather sing but not be recorded, please say and we will edit out your recording. “Just listeners” are equally welcome! See you soon!
ACTION: if you’d like to sing, please contact Linn at or via her website, so that we can create a singer roster. Please ask others if they would like to join us, but please do NOT share zoom links on social media! Thank you.
sponsored by Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival (NH, USA)
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