Sunday 1;45 – 2:45PM
Portsmouth Athenaeum

Between 1862, when the Alabama’s keel was laid, and the 19th of June in ’64, when she sank to the bottom of the ocean floor, the Confederate commerce raider CSS Alabama wreaked havoc on Union shipping, capturing or sinking 69 privately owned vessels flying the flag of the United States and sinking one Union warship.

This talk, structured around the popular sea shanty “Roll, Alabama, Roll,” follows Alabama’s career from Birkenhead to Cherbourg and her fatal encounter with the Piscataqua-builtUSS Kearsarge.  It focuses on the laws of war and neutrality that allowed this storied voyage yet forced the British government, long after the American Civil War ended, to pay for the damage that Alabama had inflicted on American commerce and whaling

Bill Dunlap teaches international law, including the law of the sea, counterterrorism and national security law, at  Quinnipiac University  His most recent publication is on the changing concept of ownership in underwater cultural heritage, including the Alabama, the Titanic, and other historic shipwrecks.

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